Living Agency was founded in 2007 by creative director and writer Tina Høm and photographer Jean-Marc Wullschleger.


  • we provide exclusive ready to publish stories to magazines and publishers worldwide
  • we represent the work of some of the world’s best photographers
  • we provide images for best-selling illustrated books


  • we provide images for advertising campaigns aimed at raising the profile of leading companies
  • we help you in finding the most attractive locations for photo shoots, film and events


Tina Høm, co-founder and creative director of Living Agency, has extensive experience working as a stylist and writer for a wide range of interior design magazines. She also works as a photo agent for other photographers specialised in interiors. Living Agency draws on Tina’s extensive global travels across Europe and South America, where she has worked on a number of lifestyle and interior projects.

Jean-Marc Wullschleger is a professional editorial photographer and co-founder of Living Agency. His extensive travels and his open-minded style enable him to establish a real connection with the subjects of is work and to capture the lifestyles and interiors of the people he meets. His compelling and imaginative work appears regularly in magazines and books worldwide.

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